"As I have cleansed and purified you, so must you assist Me to cleanse and purify." 
                                                    The Divine Mother, 1997                            

It is by that Directive and Divine Intervention that this sacred mission, Gateway Alternatives Ministry, was created as an educational and healing ministry. 

Gateway Alternatives Ministry is a private, non-profit philosophical order in the service of humanity. Its message to the world is that our charge to love one another and to do for others as we would like them to do for us is the personal responsibility and duty of every one of us, today. 

The mission and intent of Gateway Alternatives Ministry is to provide its members with the knowledge and the tools needed to prepare themselves for purification and cleansing, in order to facilitate Light and Love from Source to permeate their Being-ness. 

Gateway Alternatives Ministry is to assist members in their individual evolutionary process, and to accelerate the healing processes through administering Healing Rites as requested and needed to maintain a healthier body, mind, and spirit.

Love and Light has always been available from Source. We merely need to prepare our vessels in order to receive these gifts at a higher frequency. We are taught to become a Light unto the world but not to be “of” the world. Our lives and lifestyles are to be a Living example to the effect of the Natural Laws that will lead humankind to the freedom, prosperity and peace that is our sovereign birthright.

To this end, we, the members of Gateway Alternatives Ministry, dedicate the rest of our days upon this beautiful Earth.

~Reverend Mari-an

To learn more of the benefits of private membership in Gateway Alternatives Ministry please contact us through our e-mail link below.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.

E-mail: gaministry@comcast.net 

Additional Information:

Non-Violent Communication

I recommend the excellent book, Non Violent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg, to every one of our members. Now you can watch a 3 hour video where Mr. Rosenberg will teach you the basics of non-violent communication in a hurry, or at your leisure.

If everyone would adopt this simple theory, which is clearly outlined, we would have gentle peace on this planet. The process of personal evolution would escalate dramatically.

This video is most effective if watched as a couple. It can be the difference between success and failure in an intimate relationship. After all, conversation is what creates reality for all of us. It explains the core of the problems on the planet today, as well as our conversations around control, punishment, and reward. 

Please take the time to watch this important video.

Blessings to all!
Rev. Mari-an

About Reverend Mari-an
by Rev. Roger Renner
Marian Helen Adams RN, CHT, aka Reverend Mari-an (pronounced Marie-on'), is a Renaissance Woman who is passionate about her mission and compassionate toward those whom she serves. A woman having had a very diversified career and training that prepared her for her present role as a medical intuitive, teacher, and spiritual healer.

Being a graduate of The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing in Manhattan provided her with a scientific basis of understanding of the human body and its amazing functions. She worked in one of the most challenging hospital environments – the Emergency Room – where she learned to deal with life-threatening crises which required quick, accurate, and decisive evaluation and action.

Through the ensuing years Reverend Mariah built upon that scientific foundation with knowledge, training and experience in various “Alternative Healing” disciplines including body de-toxification, diet, massage, and foot reflexology to name a few.

Later, her quest for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom took her to far-off India and Europe. For seven years she studied Chi Gong with a Grand Master. She also learned of Feng Shui, the principles of which she also applied to her business at the time as an interior decorator.

Additionally she studied the applications of scalar energy, somatics, chiropractic, and advanced colon hydrotherapy which greatly rounded out her expanding repertoire of healing skills. As she learned more Mari-an felt compelled to share her knowledge with others. Through her writing of alternative health articles which were published by such magazines as "Mothering", "Alternative Medicine", "AARP Magazine", and even local newspapers, she has helped countless thousands.

While her early life pursuits were music, show business, sports, and marriage and mother of four,  she was always being led by Divine guidance toward a very different path - a path of service to humanity.

In 1987 she met and started working with an American Indian Shaman named "Emaho". Reverend Mariah said of Emaho, “He is a visionary and seer, and is largely responsible for my becoming a medical intuitive. He is my best friend who always tells me the truth, especially when I don't want to hear it.”

Ten years later, in 1997, Mari-an experienced a profound event in which she received a “Divine Edict,” as she puts it, which ultimately led to her present ministry which includes hands-on healing, counseling, medical intuitive, and alternative medical information which she shares with members and friends through blogs, and email.

She was ordained as a healing and teaching minister by The Arcadian Society and later founded Gateway Alternatives Ministry in 2006 as a private, non-profit mission. Reverend Mari-an states, "There is no charge for hands-on healing. This gift comes directly from The Divine Mother, and Archangel Michael."

She continues, “I have many clients throughout the United States with whom I work over the phone, as well as people locally. All are members of Gateway Alternatives Ministry, and because of the intimacy of the work, we have become family.”

She adds,  “Because of my Shamanic background, I assist many who are preparing to cross over; easing the journey by overcoming their fears of the unknown, as well as helping them forgive those who have caused them pain. This is an integral part of what Emaho calls "Dying Alive". It is an honor to watch this process unfold, and see the healing that occurs throughout the entire family along with the peace that fills their hearts. To experience true peace to your heart is one of the greatest of all gifts.”

Reverend Mari-an is so effective at her work because she is aware that the best medicine is a combination of Spiritual wisdom, Alternative healing, and Allopathic medicine. She says, too, that there is great merit in Ayurvedic and Oriental medicine as well, both of which have been healing people for thousands of years.

However, she reminds that if you suffer a traumatic injury the best place for you is the Emergency Room; and for surgery the best place is a hospital. But, when you are ready to heal the Soul, and address the Emotions; when you are ready to See into Yourself, you will find her waiting and ready to serve.

Reverend Mari-an is the Director of Gateway Alternatives Ministry and points out that she is able to offer her services only to members of Gateway Alternatives Ministry. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of private membership, please contact Reverend Mari-an through the e-mail link above.

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